Easter is just the corner and Fruitiful Bouquets make a fun and fresh addition to any Easter celebration. After all, nothing says Spring like bright colours and fresh food!

Mixed Fruit Bouquets

Northing says Spring like bright colours and fresh food. Mixed Fruit Bouquets make an excellent edible centrepiece to your Easter brunch or dinner. Mixed Fruit Bouquets are bursting with colours and flavours! They feature pineapple flowers, succulent strawberries, crisp watermelon, juicy honeydew, sweet cantaloupe and luscious oranges. And ordering has never been easier! Simply click below to customize and order your Mixed Fruit Bouquet online.

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Gourmet Apples

Kids love em! Our Gourmet Apples are always a hit with kids, and make a unique addition to any Easter basket. All apples are dipped in velvety caramel and finished with the finest Belgian Chocolate. Available in dark or white chocolate with optional crispies, and colourfully wrapped for the season.

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