Customer Favourites

Customer Favourites bouquets available seasonally.

Gourmet Sweetheart Apples

Our Gourmet Sweetheart Apples are the perfect Valentine’s Treat! All apples are dipped in velvety caramel and finished with the finest Belgian Chocolate. Available in dark or white chocolate, and then rolled in colourful Valentine’s sprinkles.

Sweetheart Bouquet

Your sweetheart will be sure to fall in love with our Valentine’s Feature!  Our luscious strawberries are enrobed in rich and creamy Belgian chocolate. They are then hand decorated and fruitifully arranged ready to capture the heart of someone special.

Chocolate Dipped

Berry bouquets are designed for the true strawberry lover! These bouquets start with a base of large red berries that can be dipped and sprinked to your hearts content.

Mixed Fruit Bouquet

Mixed Fruit Bouquets make an excellent edible centrepiece to your Easter brunch or dinner. Mixed Fruit Bouquets feature pineapple flowers, succulent strawberries, crisp watermelon, juicy honeydew, sweet cantaloupe and luscious oranges.
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Gourmet Apples

Kids love em! Our Gourmet Apples are always a hit with kids, and make a unique addition to any Easter basket. All apples are dipped in velvety caramel and finished with the finest Belgian Chocolate. Available in dark or white chocolate with optional crispies, and colourfully wrapped for the season.

Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom

We are ready for Spring, and nothing says Spring like fresh food and fruit!  The Spring Blossom Bouquet is a colourful and beautifully arranged bouquet – perfect for all your Spring occasions  including Easter and Mother’s Day.  Usher in the season with the Spring Blossom Bouquet.

Easter Berry

Easter Berry

The Easter Berry Bouquet is a fun treat for kids of all ages at Easter!  Filled with luscious strawberries dripped in dark and light chocolate, decorated with colourful sprinkles, and all arranged in a seasonal container.  The Easter Berry Bouquet is the perfect Easter gift.

Snow Buddies Bouquet

Cheer up the holidays with this festive and adorable Snow Buddies Bouquet. Filled with colourful and fresh fruit, this sweet bouquet will add extra cheer to any holiday event.
*Container may vary

Merry Berry Tree

Trim the tree with elegantly decorated strawberries.  This strawberry-covered bouquet is dipped, drizzled and rolled, and is sure to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Snowman Berries

This whimsical bouquet is a favourite with kids and adults alike.  Filled with luscious strawberries and topped with snowman, this artful display is ripe for the holidays.

Season’s Greetings (sm)

This smaller-sized bouquet is big on freshness and flavour.  Perfect for a host gift or family treat, this bouquet makes a cheery addition to any holiday occasion.

Seasons Greeting’s (lg)

This large and bountiful display is perfect for large holiday gatherings.  Filled to the brim with our freshest assortment of fruits and all displayed in a festive holiday basket.

Gourmet Apples

All apples are dipped in velvety caramel and finished with the finest Belgian Chocolate.  Available in dark or white chocolate with optional crispies.

Fall Harvest

This elegant display is created using a keepsake orange ceramic container.  It features assorted fruit and Belgian chocolate dipped berries.

Ghost Berries

This fun bouquet is created using a keepsake ceramic jack-o-lantern with over 20 Belgian chocolate dipped berries!